Pilates Classes in Belfast

About Pilates

Pilates, the Physio Way has been developed by Patricia to meet the requirements and requests of patients, sportsmen and women and friends.

The central objective is improving core muscle control and therefore facilitating good overall posture and well coordinated movement.  There is also accent on developing flexibility and strength throughout the body.  Physiotherapists are expert in studying human movement and, when specializing in the sports and fitness dimension of physiotherapy, are in a perfect position to lead clinical exercise classes. 

Pilates started with specific fitness exercises and developed through dance, sport and medicine.  It has been used to great effect by men and women of all ages, levels of fitness and abilities.  It is important to join the appropriate level of class for your own level of ability and fitness. 

Pilates, the Physio Way allows Patricia to keep a watchful ‘physio eye’ on each person in the class and to modify exercise for individuals to be most helpful to each one.  The class size will be a maximum of 12 people.  The class is an opportunity to take some ‘time out’ to think about yourself and your body and to finish the class feeling relaxed and supple.

If you need

• relief from back or neck pain;
• rehabilitation from injury;
• recovery following surgery;
• help with stiffness;
• ease from joint or muscle pain; or
• wish to join a physio led class to improve posture and coordination

then a PPW class is for you and you will be made welcome.

Upcoming classes

Classes are organized in short courses (usually 6 sessions).  The course fee is payable on registration.  The cost of a 6-session course is currently £48.

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