Occupational Health

Patricia has developed the provision of Physiotherapy Services to Occupational Health Units across Northern Ireland, both on-site and from Malone Physiotherapy Clinic.

On-site sessional physiotherapy has been undertaken on a contractual basis with British Telecom and Northern Ireland Civil Service.  This includes education of staff in the prevention of musculoskeletal problems developing within their workplace; also individual assessment and treatment is provided for employees who have sustained injuries at work or which affect efficiency at work.  Worksite assessments are undertaken.  Liasing with management to develop the appropriate work environment is an important part of the physiotherapy input.

Some companies arrange to have employees assessed and treated at Malone Physiotherapy Clinic.  This allows provision of physiotherapy without having to set up a designated treatment area on site.   Individual treatment is provided and a report sent to their Occupational Health Department or to management, with appropriate recommendations.

Patricia also works with a number of Occupational Health Providers to provide physiotherapy to their Client Companies.

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